About Us

Breast Pump Comparisons was started by a group of moms who were reminded of how stressful buying a breast pump can be when we were trying to help a friend (and first time mom) choose her pump. We collectively felt that as more companies have begun to manufacture breast pumps, it has become harder for moms to evaluate the available options in order to make the right choice.

So, we began to develop Breast Pump Comparisons to make it easier for other moms to choose the best pump. As experienced breastfeeders and pumpers, we know that using an inferior breast pump can cause unnecessary pain and stress for a new mom, and potentially jeopardize her ability to provide breastmilk.

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Our ultimate goal is to make Breast Pump Comparisons a site where moms can find all the information they need, in order to decide which pump will be the best possible choice.

If you are an experienced pumper, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a review of the breast pump or pumps that you have used, and be sure to let us know if our site is missing any information that would be helpful to new moms.

If you are a mom who’s looking for a pump for the first time, we hope that the information on our site will make things a little easier for you. We wish you the best of luck in all your breastfeeding endeavors.