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Ameda Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 5 star rating

"I love this breast pump. I love how everything fits together in the Backpack & looks just like a purse! The Ameda Purely Yours is easy to use because there are not a lot of parts & it has made going back to work so much easier because I don’t have to spend a lot of time pumping. This purchase was definitely an investment & you will not be disappointed with this breast pump."
Kyleigh, Ameda Purely Yours Backpack Breast Pump

Avent Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 4 star rating

"I have been pumping with the Avent Isis Duo for the past six months. I really like how comfortable it is, and the massaging petals work for me because when I try to pump without them my nipples get sucked in too much. I also really like how I can change the pumping speed at anytime during a session. I usually start out with a moderate speed and then slow it down after I get a let-down. The only draw back for me is that it does not work on battery power so I just make sure I have an outlet nearby in order to pump. Otherwise, this pump is fantastic and it really gets the job done. "
Summer’s Mommy, Avent Isis iQ Duo Breast Pump

Bailey Medical Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 4 star review

"I liked this pump because it was lightweight and affordable. However, it was a lot louder than I thought it would be. It sounds a lot like a fish tank air pump. I wouldn’t recommend this pump to someone who would be exclusively pumping because achieving suitable stimulation can be tricky with this pump since the cycle length is controlled manually. If you are just an occasional pumper like me (I pump once maybe twice a day), this pump is a great money saving option. I also like the fact that this pump is easy to clean. "
Hannah B., Bailey Medical Nurture III Breast Pump

Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 3 star review

"Decent pump but I was expecting more. I like the bag that is comes with but there are way too many tubes and extra pieces. It made pumping for my baby a bit complicated."
Debrah, Evenflo Elan Dual Electric Breast Pump

First Years Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 3 star review

"I love this pump! It’s comfortable and convenient! It makes pumping really easily. I think if I would go back though, I would buy a double. Seems like it would be more effective."
Casey C., First Years miPump Single Electric Breast Pump

Gerber Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 1 star review

"I had to purchase this pump when I went on an overnight trip and forgot my manual medela pump. It is a huge waste of money. It didn’t work at all, not even a drop of milk came out. I had to express milk by hand to relieve the pressure. The next morning, I went searching for a Target store so that I could purchase a Medela pump. "
Grace R., Gerber Massaging Manual Breast Pump

Hygeia Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 4 star review

"This pump works great. I work at a place that rents this pump so thought I better give it a try. I have been very satisfied. Customer service is very helpful. I didn’t give it 5 stars for a few reasons. They currently only offer one size flange, however Medela Lactina kits do fit on it. I hear they are considering pairing with PuminPals to give mom flange size options soon. Also the little duckbill suction valve is tricky to know how far in to place it…"
Rachel R., Hygeia EnJoye-LBI Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 2 star review

"I received this as part of the hospital grade pump package that WIC rented to me. However, it was uncomfortable to use the hand pump and it is hard to control the force of the pumping. The electric pump was great but the hand pump needs work!"
Honey L., Lansinoh One Hand Manual Breast Pump

Medela Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 1 star review

"My breasts hurt after 2 weeks of using this pump. It was very painful around the areola area. My breasts were very red for weeks at the time when I used it. I was told by a nurse practitioner that my breast redness was mastitis. So, I completed a course of antibiotics and the pain and redness remained. I just know that it was from the pump. I had pain every time I used the pump and the pain slightly receded after an hour or so."
Pui C., Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Playtex Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 3 star review

"My Playtex Embrace is a very comfortable breast pump, it does have a few design flaws in my opinion. The bottles that you are supposed to pump into have a lip that makes it difficult to pour all of the milk into a freezer bag. I always end up with a little milk left in the bottle. The breast cup also has a groove where milk also gets trapped. Because of this it can be a bit of a challenge to clean everything properly."
Hope T., Playtex Embrace Breast Pump

Simplisse Breast Pump Reviews
Average Rating: 4 star review

"This pump feels a lot more comfortable than the prior ones that I’ve used. Also it is a manual and may not pump as a much as a double electric… it works just fine if you don’t have to pump a lot of milk. I would recommend this for those that pump maybe once a day but not much more."
Kerry, Simplisse Breast Pump