Breast Pump Specs

Double Breast Pumps

Double electric breast pumps provide efficient pumping for moms who need to pump several times on a daily basis. Since these pumps stimulate both breasts at the same time, they can help to increase your milk supply. Having the ability to express milk from both breasts at the same time also helps to reduce the amount of time you need for each pumping session.

Double breast pumps are best suited for mothers who return to work full-time and for those who pump milk exclusively because the motors are designed for frequent and long-term use.

Single Breast Pumps

Single electric breast pumps make it easier for you to express milk quickly from each breast than with a manual pump. Single breast pumps are best suited for occasional pumping and are not recommended for frequent, daily pumping.

Single pumps are great for moms who want the speed and efficiency of an electric pump, but prefer the convenient and portability of a handheld pump.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Hospital grade breast pumps provide top of the line pumping technology. This type of pump is the ideal choice for mothers of multiples or pre-term infants. Hospital grade pumps are also the best pump option for mothers who need to initiate lactation or increase milk production.

Hospital grade pumps are available as rentals from hospitals and lactation consultants; some are also available for purchase. Each mother will need her own milk collection kit to use with the hospital pump.

Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps are by far the most affordable and portable pump options available. If you only plan to express milk occasionally then a manual pump may be the best choice for you. A manual pump gives you complete control over the speed and suction of the pump.

You can easily take a manual breast pump with you anywhere since it does not require electricity, is compact, lightweight and easily fits in a diaper bag or purse.

Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps are best suited to meet the needs of moms who need to pump more than once on a daily basis. An electric pump will allow you to express more breastmilk in less time since the pump does all of the work.

Working moms as well as those who plan to pump exclusively or are trying to increase milk production can greatly benefit from using an electric breast pump.

Open Systems

In an open system breast pump the end of the pump tubing is exposed to milk collection so there is a chance that expressed milk will drawn into the pump’s tubing. This can be an inconvenience for many mothers since the tubing will need to be washed, sterilized and air-dried before it can be used again.

Unfortunately, small amounts of milk may be drawn into the tubing and go unnoticed. If this should occur, mold can begin to grow in the tubing.

Closed Systems

Closed system breast pumps have a diaphragm in between the collection bottle and pump tubing that creates a barrier, which prevents expressed milk from leaking into the tubing and prevents outside air from contaminating the expressed milk.

These barriers make closed system pumps more hygienic since expressed milk is not exposed to the pump tubing or motor at anytime. Additionally, the pump tubing never needs to be cleaned or sterilized.