Hygeia EnJoye-EXT Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Warranty Weight AC Adapter Battery Pwr Car Adapter
3 years 2.4 lbs. Yes Yes, 8 AA Yes, available
Bottle Types Cycle Speeds Suction Settings Closed Sys.
Standard, Some Wide-Neck 35 to 65 cpm 50 to 240 mmHg Yes

What We Like

Hygeia is a brand that we love for the quality of the pump! The brand started with a few former Medela executives leaving to create a better breast pump in which they succeeded. The EnJoy comes with a 3 year warranty which is the longest of any breast pump brand and features a closed pumping system.

What We Dislike

They are hard to find and aren’t widely popular with mom’s. Finding spare parts is limited to online only.

Bottom Line

The Hygeia EnJoy is a great pump and we have no complaints about the quality and efficiency of the pump. Due to the fact that they are hard to find and next to impossible to maintain should you lose or damage a part we recommend one of the more popular brands.