Medela Pump in Style starter set review

Warranty Weight AC Adapter Battery Pwr Car Adapter
1 year 2 lbs Yes Sold Separately Sold Sep.
Bottle Types Cycle Speeds Suction Settings Closed Sys.
Standard 2 Dial No

What We Like

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Starter Set is a great pump option for an insurance pump for the stay at home mom. The pump is Medela’s entry level pump that comes with just the basics on what you will need to successfully pump. The Medela PIS Starter Set is easy to maintain and spare parts are easily found at major retailers and online.

What We Dislike

The pump is pretty basic and offers no frills. The open pumping system makes this unit prone to mold and mildew in the tubing and pump motor and adds an additional 8 parts to clean each day. We wish that the PIS Starter set would include a bag to carry the kit and the power source.

Bottom Line

The PIS Advanced Starter set is widely available and will get the job done if you are looking to occasionally pump. We would not recommend this pump for a mother who is on the go or is returning to work simply because there are too many parts to carry and clean. Medela is a brand that many moms know and love but we would recommend upgrading to one of the nicer models.