Medela Pump In Style Advanced Reviews

Warranty Weight AC Adapter Battery Pwr Car Adapter
1 year 4 lbs Yes Sold Sep. Sold Sep.
Bottle Types Cycle Speeds Suction Settings Closed Sys.
Standard 1 2 No

What We Like

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is an efficient and well loved pump by many moms. Medela is a brand that has been a leader in the breastfeeding category for several decades and its pumps and spare parts are easy to obtain. The Pump in Style Advanced is an upgrade model breast pump for many insurance companies and is well worth coming out of pocket for this pumping machine.

What We Dislike

Medela’s breast pump kits are only offered as an open pumping system which means that there is no barrier between the suction and the milk collection. In our test we found that the open pumping system allowed condensation and milk to collect in the tubing which can turn into mold. The kits used in the hospitals are not backwards compatible with the consumer grade pumps.

Bottom Line

The Pump in Style Advanced is a great pump with one major flaw of the open pumping system. We have found several post of moms that have modified their kits with a diaphragm to turn this pump into a closed system but we cannot recommend the PIS Advanced due to this flaw. Does the pump work? Absolutely Should you spend the money to upgrade to one? We would recommend you look at other brands.