Warranty Weight AC Adapter Battery Pwr Car Adapter
2 Yr Motor  4 lbs Yes Internal Rechargeable
Bottle Types Cycle Speeds Suction Settings Closed Sys.
Standard  12 Suction Levels / 5 Speeds Yes

What We Like

Spectra breast pumps are one of our top picks between our test mothers. The Spectra S1 has all the same great features of the S2 with the addition of an internal rechargeable battery pack. The S1 is an efficient pump and offers the flexibility to adjust the speed and suction independently.

What We Dislike

The suction… While testing the Spectra S1 our mothers complained that the high suction strength was causing discomfort to the nipples. Spectra breast pumps generate suction with a diaphragm which is a bit different than the traditional piston driven suction found in most breast pumps. The suction curve of a diaphragm pump has a difficult time achieving a natural feeding pattern and the Spectra pumps make up for this by dialing up the suction to around 300 mmHg a range that is much higher than any baby. This higher form of suction can lead to discomfort and pain.

Bottom Line

The Spectra S1 is one of our favorite picks for the features and capabilities. The kits feature a closed system but have a flimsy feeling and are a bit top heavy which can lead to the kits falling down when you place them on a table. We wish they could figure out a solution to the suction strength and we would like to see a bag included.