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Spectra S2 vs. Ameda Purely Yours

Spectra and Ameda are two of the most popular insurance breast pump options. In this video, you will see side by side comparisons of the S2 vs the Purely Yours. It’s 11 minutes of great side by side comparisons but you can always fast forward to the end to see the real winner.

Ameda Insurance Breast Pump Review

In this video Lauren talks about her experience in ordering her breast pump through Aetna Insurance. She talks about why she chose the Ameda breast pump and shows you all of the other freebies that she received.

Real Mom Talks About Her Breast Pump

Holly and Levy show you the breast pump that they recieved through their insurance company. Holly talks about the finacial re

United Healthcare Breast Pump Review

Another Ameda mom discusses her experience with her insurance breast pump.  The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra comes with a carrying bag, extra size flanges, a cooler case and much more.

Great Review of 4 Different Pumps

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