Which breast pump is the best?

With so many breast pumps to choose from these days, knowing which pumps are best can really help you make a good choice. That’s why a group of pumping moms created this comprehensive breast pump reviews site. We hope to make the selection process simpler and less time consuming for you.

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Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) states that expecting mothers have access to breastfeeding support and supplies. Find out how easy it is to get your free, insurance covered pump.

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Choosing a Pump

If you’ve never used a breast pump before and don’t have clue about how to choose one, then this is the place to be. We’ve compiled all the information that you need to know about breast pumps so that you can make an informed decision when you choose one.

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Mom Tested

All of our reviews come from the best testers in the world – moms! Breast Pump Comparisons values moms opinions, so we’ve provided a public place for moms to voice their opinions about how various breast pump brands and products are performing.

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Top 6 Insurance Covered Pumps

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Spec Comparisons

Product Rating Where to Buy? Image Phases Controls Vacuum Range Batteries Open or Closed System Warranty Standard Flange Size Weight

1 Ameda
Purely Yours Ultrabest

amedadirect.com chart-ultra Multi-phase customizable 32 Dials up to 200 mmHg 6 AA (not included) Closed 1 Year Motor – 90 days parts / accessories 25 mm n/a
2 Ardo
Calypso Essentialbetter
ardo-usa.com chart-calypso Multi-phase customizable 64 Push Buttons up to 200 mmHg 6 AA (not included) Closed 400 Hrs or 1 Years Motor 26 mm n/a

3 Ameda
Purely Yoursgood

   amedadirect.com  chart-py  Multi-phase customizable 32  Dials up to 200 mmHg 6 AA (not included) Closed 1 Year Motor – 90 days parts / accessories 25 mm 1 lbs.
4 Medela
PIS Start Set
medela.us chart-pis 2 phase Push Button / Dial up to 250 mmHg Battery Pack (not included) Open 1 Year Motor – 90 days parts / accessories 24 mm 4.2 lbs.
5 Spectra
spectrababyusa.com chart-s2 2 Phase Push Buttons up to 300 mmHg Internal Rechargeable Closed 2 Year Motor 24 mm 4.1lbs.
6 Evenflo
Adv. Double Electric
evenflofeeding.com chart-evenflo Multi-phase customizable 32 Dial up to 250 mmHg No Closed 90 Days Motor n/a n/a
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Reviews by Brand

The side-by-side pump comparisons and user-submitted reviews from fellow pumpers will help you to determine which pumps are proven more successful than others. The reviews and comparison information found here are useful for moms that are buying their first breast pumps as well as those who are searching for a pump upgrade/replacement.

At Breast Pump Comparisons, our goal is to help you choose the very best breast pump for your needs.

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